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Thursday, 02.28.2013 / 4:30 PM Florida Panthers

Quite often, I get asked why I love working in the professional sports and entertainment industry. I think for every person that works in this business the answer is a little bit different. But the unifying factor, in my opinion, is the excitement of working in a world of live events, wins and losses, incredible highs and difficult lows, and new challenges to face.

Personally, that is what gets my juices flowing each and every day on the job. And that is particularly true during this current time period when it seems like our Florida Panthers are playing a home game every other day and we are hosting a major concert or event almost every day in between.

In the last week alone we hosted Muse last Friday, Panthers-Bruins on Sunday, P!nk on Monday, Panthers-Penguins on Tuesday, Panthers-Sabres tonight, Disney Live! Friday, Bon Jovi Saturday, and Panthers-Hurricanes on Sunday.

That’s quite a whirlwind for our players, our staff and most importantly our guests. But its exciting at the same time, and it challenges us to be on our “A” game as much as possible, and continually provide the top notch experience and customer service that our fans have become accustomed to, and rightfully expect.

We take customer service very seriously here at the BB&T Center. Every single one of our employees, whether they are in a service department or elsewhere, is expected to provide accessibility, responsiveness and professionalism when engaging with any of our guests, supporters and partners.

For that reason, the feedback we get from those constituents is extremely important. In that vein, we host town hall meetings on a regular basis, conduct surveys, and open the lines of communication to any fan or partner that wants to voice an opinion. 

Most recently, we have instituted a new pregame fan forum program that will bring us face to face with those fans on a more regular basis. Myself and our Vice President of Sales & Service Ryan McCoy instituted this program prior to Tuesday night’s game against Pittsburgh and the feedback we received was absolutely tremendous.

From feedback on our renewal campaign to our team to our game presentation to their overall BB&T Center experience, every tidbit of knowledge we received will be put to good use in one way or another.

As I often say, sometimes as Panthers staff members, we are so close to the product and the daily experience, that we lose sight of some of the simple things we can do to make the experience better for our fans, and life easier for us.

By spending more quality time in the company of our most passionate and loyal fans, we are able to identify key areas for improvement and act on them quickly and efficiently. Whether its adding more ushers in certain areas, providing more concession options, or even changing the volume settings on our music and PA announcements, every little bit helps the fan experience.

Of course its always exciting when the little things we do are supplemented by an intense Panthers win like the 6-4 barnburner victory over the Penguins on Tuesday night. I think everyone, save for a few visiting Pens fans, left the BB&T Center happy on Tuesday evening. That continues to be our goal, win or lose, and we won’t settle for anything less.

Thanks for reading and go Panthers.  

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