Panthers Prospects volunteer at Feeding South Florida

Day 3 of Cats Camp started on the beach and ended at Feeding South Florida to help provide meals for families in need.

Friday, 07.11.2014 / 4:58 PM
Amanda Cifu

It’s hard not to feel grateful to play hockey in South Florida. On a day like Day 3 of Cats Camp, the Panthers prospects kicked off the day with a beach workout and then traveled to Feeding South Florida, a service that provides for 30% of the state’s food insecure population. With the help of 34 big, strong hockey players, Feeding South Florida and its staff were thrilled to introduce and show the players their food sorting process.

The players sorted and packed 8,000 pounds of food, which will serve approximately 6,700 meals to families in South Florida. They learned that the food they helped pack would provide immediate assistance to families. The food packed at Feeding South Florida is shipped out and will be seen in South Florida community within just a few short weeks. The Panthers Prospects got one step closer to help end hunger in South Florida during their week at Development Camp.

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