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New Jersey

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1st 00:00FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Patrik Elias
1st 00:11NJDPenaltyAndy Greene Tripping against Marcel Goc
1st 00:11FLAFaceoffKris Versteeg won against Travis Zajac
1st 00:21FLAShotMikael Samuelsson Wrist Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
1st 00:23FLAGoalStephen Weiss (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Mikael Samuelsson (3), Kris Versteeg (1)
1st 00:23FLAFaceoffStephen Weiss won against Travis Zajac
1st 01:00FLAHitJohn Madden hit Bryce Salvador
1st 01:09NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Marco Sturm
1st 01:23NJDHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Erik Gudbranson
1st 01:30NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against John Madden
1st 01:34NJDShotZach Parise Snap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
1st 01:43NJDHitAnton Volchenkov hit Tomas Kopecky
1st 01:47NJDFaceoffPatrik Elias won against John Madden
1st 01:50NJDShotPetr Sykora Slap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
1st 02:20NJDFaceoffStephen Gionta won against Shawn Matthias
1st 02:25FLAHitScottie Upshall hit Andy Greene
1st 02:47FLAShotWojtek Wolski Backhand saved by Martin Brodeur
1st 03:10NJDHitRyan Carter hit Tomas Fleischmann
1st 03:21NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Tomas Fleischmann
1st 04:16FLAHitMike Weaver hit Alexei Ponikarovsky
1st 04:33FLAGiveawayEd Jovanovski
1st 04:36NJDHitPeter Harrold hit Marco Sturm
1st 04:47FLAFaceoffShawn Matthias won against Stephen Gionta
1st 05:06FLAHitJason Garrison hit Steve Bernier
1st 05:19NJDHitSteve Bernier hit Shawn Matthias
1st 05:21FLAHitWojtek Wolski hit Peter Harrold
1st 05:40FLAHitMikael Samuelsson hit Bryce Salvador
1st 05:53NJDHitDainius Zubrus hit Mike Weaver
1st 06:02FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Adam Henrique
1st 06:12FLAHitMikael Samuelsson hit Bryce Salvador
1st 06:28NJDShotDavid Clarkson Slap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
1st 06:37NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Stephen Weiss
1st 07:05FLAHitTomas Fleischmann hit Zach Parise
1st 07:32NJDShotZach Parise Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
1st 07:38FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against David Clarkson
1st 07:38FLAPenaltyDmitry Kulikov Delay of game
1st 08:30NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against John Madden
1st 08:54FLAHitJohn Madden hit Ilya Kovalchuk
1st 09:05NJDHitZach Parise hit Brian Campbell
1st 09:20NJDHitZach Parise hit Erik Gudbranson
1st 09:50NJDFaceoffDainius Zubrus won against Kris Versteeg
1st 10:16NJDHitAndy Greene hit Scottie Upshall
1st 10:19FLAHitShawn Matthias hit Ryan Carter
1st 10:34FLAHitWojtek Wolski hit Stephen Gionta
1st 10:43NJDFaceoffAdam Henrique won against Tomas Kopecky
1st 10:55NJDTakeawayAlexei Ponikarovsky
1st 10:59FLAHitErik Gudbranson hit Alexei Ponikarovsky
1st 11:08FLAHitEd Jovanovski hit David Clarkson
1st 11:12FLAHitEd Jovanovski hit David Clarkson
1st 11:16NJDHitDavid Clarkson hit Erik Gudbranson
1st 11:59FLAHitMike Weaver hit Zach Parise
1st 12:30NJDHitPatrik Elias hit Brian Campbell
1st 13:27FLAHitScottie Upshall hit Ryan Carter
1st 13:35FLAHitEd Jovanovski hit Steve Bernier
1st 13:40FLAHitErik Gudbranson hit Steve Bernier
1st 14:04NJDHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Scottie Upshall
1st 14:17NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Mikael Samuelsson
1st 14:22NJDHitMarek Zidlicky hit Sean Bergenheim
1st 14:24FLAHitMikael Samuelsson hit Adam Henrique
1st 14:27NJDFaceoffDavid Clarkson won against Stephen Weiss
1st 14:38NJDHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Jason Garrison
1st 15:07NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Mikael Samuelsson
1st 15:35FLATakeawaySean Bergenheim
1st 15:56NJDHitZach Parise hit Sean Bergenheim
1st 16:17NJDHitPatrik Elias hit Brian Campbell
1st 17:06NJDHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Wojtek Wolski
1st 17:25FLAHitErik Gudbranson hit Zach Parise
1st 18:33NJDHitPatrik Elias hit Jason Garrison
1st 18:36NJDHitPetr Sykora hit Brian Campbell
1st 19:16FLAHitMarco Sturm hit Adam Henrique
1st 19:43FLAFaceoffKris Versteeg won against Patrik Elias
1st 19:43NJDPenaltyAlexei Ponikarovsky Hi-sticking against Erik Gudbranson
1st 19:43NJDPenaltyDavid Clarkson Charging against Erik Gudbranson
1st 20:00period end
2nd 00:00FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Patrik Elias
2nd 00:37FLAShotKris Versteeg Wrist Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 00:41FLAShotTomas Fleischmann Wrist Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 00:49FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Travis Zajac
2nd 00:54FLAShotJason Garrison Slap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 00:55FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Dainius Zubrus
2nd 01:10FLAShotJason Garrison Slap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 01:12FLAGoalStephen Weiss (2) Wrist Shot, assists: Marcel Goc (2), Jason Garrison (1)
2nd 01:12FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Patrik Elias
2nd 01:22FLAShotSean Bergenheim Snap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 01:27FLAHitBrian Campbell hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 02:02FLAHitMikael Samuelsson hit Zach Parise
2nd 02:07FLAPenaltyMikael Samuelsson Hooking against Zach Parise served by Shawn Matthias
2nd 02:07FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against Patrik Elias
2nd 02:21NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Marcel Goc
2nd 02:55NJDHitTravis Zajac hit Tomas Kopecky
2nd 03:45FLATakeawayJohn Madden
2nd 04:03NJDShotDainius Zubrus Backhand saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 04:05NJDHitSteve Bernier hit Brian Campbell
2nd 04:15FLAShotShawn Matthias Snap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 04:26FLAFaceoffKris Versteeg won against Dainius Zubrus
2nd 04:38NJDShotMarek Zidlicky Snap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 04:41NJDHitMarek Zidlicky hit Ed Jovanovski
2nd 04:46NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Marcel Goc
2nd 04:58NJDHitTravis Zajac hit Jason Garrison
2nd 05:31FLAHitErik Gudbranson hit Zach Parise
2nd 06:14FLAHitErik Gudbranson hit Alexei Ponikarovsky
2nd 06:19FLAFaceoffScottie Upshall won against Patrik Elias
2nd 06:26NJDHitDainius Zubrus hit Erik Gudbranson
2nd 07:02FLAHitKris Versteeg hit Marek Zidlicky
2nd 07:11FLAHitEd Jovanovski hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 07:20FLAHitEd Jovanovski hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 07:26FLAHitStephen Weiss hit Petr Sykora
2nd 07:28NJDShotSteve Bernier Snap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 07:29FLAHitEd Jovanovski hit Stephen Gionta
2nd 07:41NJDHitSteve Bernier hit Erik Gudbranson
2nd 07:45NJDShotSteve Bernier Backhand saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 07:48NJDPenaltyRyan Carter Hooking against Mike Weaver
2nd 07:48FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Adam Henrique
2nd 09:06FLATakeawayBrian Campbell
2nd 09:13NJDHitAndy Greene hit Brian Campbell
2nd 10:07NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Marcel Goc
2nd 10:12FLAHitSean Bergenheim hit Bryce Salvador
2nd 10:29NJDHitTravis Zajac hit Mike Weaver
2nd 10:44FLAShotMarcel Goc Wrist Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 10:56NJDShotZach Parise Slap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 10:56FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against David Clarkson
2nd 10:58NJDShotAdam Henrique Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 10:59FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against David Clarkson
2nd 11:31NJDHitAnton Volchenkov hit John Madden
2nd 11:38FLAHitMarco Sturm hit David Clarkson
2nd 11:53FLAShotKris Versteeg Wrist Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 12:02FLAHitKris Versteeg hit Mark Fayne
2nd 12:14NJDHitDainius Zubrus hit Brian Campbell
2nd 12:32FLAHitStephen Weiss hit Dainius Zubrus
2nd 12:58NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Scottie Upshall
2nd 13:05FLAHitScottie Upshall hit Petr Sykora
2nd 13:24NJDShotBryce Salvador Slap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 13:37NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Scottie Upshall
2nd 14:39FLAGoalMarcel Goc (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Brian Campbell (1), Sean Bergenheim (1)
2nd 14:39FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against Adam Henrique
2nd 15:40FLAFaceoffKris Versteeg won against Adam Henrique
2nd 15:57NJDHitPatrik Elias hit Brian Campbell
2nd 17:03NJDHitSteve Bernier hit Ed Jovanovski
2nd 17:31NJDHitSteve Bernier hit Ed Jovanovski
2nd 17:46FLAHitSean Bergenheim hit Mark Fayne
2nd 17:51FLAShotMike Weaver Slap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
2nd 18:06NJDShotIlya Kovalchuk Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 18:39NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against John Madden
2nd 18:54NJDHitIlya Kovalchuk hit Brian Campbell
2nd 19:23FLAHitJason Garrison hit Ilya Kovalchuk
2nd 19:43NJDShotAndy Greene Slap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
2nd 20:00period end
3rd 00:00FLAFaceoffStephen Weiss won against Adam Henrique
3rd 00:09NJDHitZach Parise hit Mike Weaver
3rd 00:30NJDHitAdam Henrique hit Kris Versteeg
3rd 00:37NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against John Madden
3rd 00:48NJDGoalTravis Zajac (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Andy Greene (1), Alexei Ponikarovsky (1)
3rd 00:48FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Patrik Elias
3rd 01:03NJDHitAndy Greene hit Sean Bergenheim
3rd 01:16FLAHitMarcel Goc hit Andy Greene
3rd 01:27NJDShotDainius Zubrus Backhand saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 01:31NJDShotPetr Sykora Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 01:33FLATakeawayMikael Samuelsson
3rd 01:36FLAHitSean Bergenheim hit Patrik Elias
3rd 01:39FLAShotMikael Samuelsson Backhand saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 01:57FLAHitWojtek Wolski hit Anton Volchenkov
3rd 02:02FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against Travis Zajac
3rd 02:02NJDGoalIlya Kovalchuk (1) Wrist Shot, assists: Adam Henrique (1)
3rd 02:42NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Stephen Weiss
3rd 03:14FLAShotKris Versteeg Snap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 03:45FLAShotMikael Samuelsson Backhand saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 03:45NJDFaceoffRyan Carter won against Shawn Matthias
3rd 03:53FLAFaceoffShawn Matthias won against Ryan Carter
3rd 03:58FLAShotErik Gudbranson Snap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 04:11NJDHitStephen Gionta hit Erik Gudbranson
3rd 04:17FLAHitScottie Upshall hit Anton Volchenkov
3rd 04:42NJDFaceoffAdam Henrique won against Stephen Weiss
3rd 04:55NJDShotMarek Zidlicky Slap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 04:56FLAFaceoffTomas Kopecky won against David Clarkson
3rd 05:01NJDHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Mike Weaver
3rd 05:28FLAHitDmitry Kulikov hit David Clarkson
3rd 05:34NJDHitDavid Clarkson hit John Madden
3rd 05:45FLAHitJason Garrison hit Anton Volchenkov
3rd 06:06NJDHitAnton Volchenkov hit Mikael Samuelsson
3rd 06:27FLAHitSean Bergenheim hit Bryce Salvador
3rd 06:42NJDHitMarek Zidlicky hit Kris Versteeg
3rd 06:48FLAShotDmitry Kulikov Slap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 06:57FLAHitMike Weaver hit Zach Parise
3rd 07:08NJDTakeawayMarek Zidlicky
3rd 07:49NJDShotTravis Zajac Snap Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 08:15NJDShotTravis Zajac Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 08:17FLAHitDmitry Kulikov hit Travis Zajac
3rd 08:32NJDFaceoffPatrik Elias won against Marcel Goc
3rd 08:47NJDHitBryce Salvador hit Mikael Samuelsson
3rd 09:10NJDHitDainius Zubrus hit Brian Campbell
3rd 09:16FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against Stephen Gionta
3rd 09:19FLAShotEd Jovanovski Slap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 09:38NJDFaceoffAdam Henrique won against John Madden
3rd 09:51NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Shawn Matthias
3rd 10:04NJDHitAlexei Ponikarovsky hit Erik Gudbranson
3rd 10:45FLAHitDmitry Kulikov hit David Clarkson
3rd 10:52NJDHitMarek Zidlicky hit Shawn Matthias
3rd 11:00FLAShotDmitry Kulikov Slap Shot saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 11:01FLAFaceoffStephen Weiss won against Adam Henrique
3rd 11:36NJDTakeawayZach Parise
3rd 11:53NJDFaceoffAdam Henrique won against Marcel Goc
3rd 12:09FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Patrik Elias
3rd 13:07FLAHitErik Gudbranson hit Steve Bernier
3rd 13:12NJDShotSteve Bernier Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 13:17NJDShotDainius Zubrus Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 13:58FLAShotScottie Upshall Tip-In saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 13:58NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Stephen Weiss
3rd 15:32FLAHitMikael Samuelsson hit Mark Fayne
3rd 16:01FLAFaceoffJohn Madden won against Patrik Elias
3rd 16:42NJDFaceoffTravis Zajac won against Stephen Weiss
3rd 16:51FLAGiveawayDmitry Kulikov
3rd 17:12NJDHitZach Parise hit Stephen Weiss
3rd 17:31FLAShotKris Versteeg Backhand saved by Martin Brodeur
3rd 17:35NJDShotZach Parise Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 17:36NJDShotZach Parise Tip-In saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 17:37FLAFaceoffMarcel Goc won against Adam Henrique
3rd 17:47NJDHitDavid Clarkson hit Mike Weaver
3rd 18:04FLATakeawaySean Bergenheim
3rd 19:39NJDShotZach Parise Wrist Shot saved by Jose Theodore
3rd 19:46FLAHitEd Jovanovski hit Andy Greene
3rd 19:52NJDFaceoffDainius Zubrus won against Stephen Weiss
3rd 19:59FLAGoalTomas Fleischmann (1) Wrist Shot, assists: none
3rd 20:00period end
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2M. ZidlickyD0002024:59
6A. GreeneD0111223:08
8D. ZubrusC00-13014:58
9Z. PariseL00-16021:49
10P. HarroldD00-10014:47
11S. GiontaC000006:49
12A. PonikarovskyL0110213:16
14A. HenriqueC0111016:57
15P. SykoraR0002013:34
17I. KovalchukR10-12025:15
18S. BernierR000308:34
19T. ZajacC1003020:38
20R. CarterL000027:04
23D. ClarksonR0001214:14
24B. SalvadorD0011021:40
26P. EliasC00-10016:35
28A. VolchenkovD00-10011:46
29M. FayneD0010019:32
30M. Brodeur2023.87058:44
7D. KulikovD00-12217:18
8W. WolskiL00-11010:04
9S. WeissC2012019:15
10J. MaddenC00-10015:57
14T. FleischmannL1012019:23
16M. SturmL00-10012:06
18S. MatthiasC00-11010:40
19S. UpshallR00-11012:35
20S. BergenheimL0111013:53
26M. SamuelssonR0113214:02
32K. VersteegR0114019:27
43M. WeaverD0001019:42
44E. GudbransonD00-11014:42
51B. CampbellD0110025:34
52J. GarrisonD0112024:02
55E. JovanovskiD0001017:54
57M. GocC1112015:28
82T. KopeckyR00-10014:10
60J. Theodore2325.92059:48
scoring summary
1st Period
00:23FLA PPG - Stephen Weiss (1) ASST: Mikael Samuelsson (3), Kris Versteeg (1) 1 - 0 FLA
2nd Period
01:12FLA PPG - Stephen Weiss (2) ASST: Marcel Goc (2), Jason Garrison (1) 2 - 0 FLA
14:39FLA Marcel Goc (1) ASST: Brian Campbell (1), Sean Bergenheim (1) 3 - 0 FLA
3rd Period
00:48NJD Travis Zajac (1) ASST: Andy Greene (1), Alexei Ponikarovsky (1) 3 - 1 FLA
02:02NJD Ilya Kovalchuk (1) ASST: Adam Henrique (1) 3 - 2 FLA
19:59FLA EN - Tomas Fleischmann (1) ASST: NONE 4 - 2 FLA
penalty summary
1st Period
00:11NJD Andy Greene  Tripping against  Marcel Goc
07:38FLA Dmitry Kulikov  Delay of game
19:43NJD Alexei Ponikarovsky  Hi-sticking against  Erik Gudbranson
19:43NJD David Clarkson  Charging against  Erik Gudbranson
2nd Period
02:07FLA Mikael Samuelsson  Hooking against  Zach Parise
07:48NJD Ryan Carter  Hooking against  Mike Weaver
3rd Period
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays0/22/4
Faceoff Wins2429
Blocked Shots1218
Penalty Minutes84